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Rammstein – Making Of The Video "Ich Tu Dir Weh".
(From "Made In Germany" DVD, 2011).
English subtitles.
Age rating: 12+.


J.A. – Jonas Akerlund (Director).
T.L. – Till Lindermann (Vocalism).
R.Z.K. – Richard Z. Kruspe (Solo-guitar).
P.H.L. – Paul Heiko Landers (Rhythm-guitar).
C.S. – Christoph Schneider (Drums).
C.F.L. – Christian Flake Lorenz (Keyboard).
O.R. – Oliver Riedel (Bass-guitar).
R.C. – Renzo Cargnelutti (Pyrotechnician).
A. – Assistant.

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).

R.Z.K.: We are shooting the second video from our new album LOVE IS THERE FOR ALL OF US and since we're here already, preparing for the tour and rehearsing, it made sense to go ahead and perform the song live.

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).

C.F.L.: This song has some magical pull that even I can't escape, the refrain is so pop, just made for swaying left and right...


C.F.L.: Against that we made the text nasty, in order to make something beautiful overall. It's so cool when you're cheering along with it and only then hear that it's actually not so pretty – then we've reached our goal.

C.S.: It's simply one of the musically strongest songs on the album. The band was in complete agreement about that.

J.A.: (Talking on English without subtitles).

C.S.: Around then we dabbled with the idea of working in the sex industry.

(Video “Pussy” on screen).

R.Z.K.: I had somehow always hoped that my mother wouldn't see the video. But she did and even thought it was good. So that was a little disappointing (laugh)!

P.H.L.: I know that the video only ran on a sort of adult site where you had to log in or be of a certain age. I'm not sure, but I think something like 12 million people logged in to watch.

C.F.L.: I learned that it really helps to take your clothes off.

J.A.: (Talking on English without subtitles).


P.H.L.: For the “Pussy” video, it took 3 minutes to decide - unanimously, all six of us thought it was good. All six (choke)! And for this video, we've been fighting for 3 months now about something.

R.Z.K.: A difficult birth: originally we had a completely different idea for it and, then at the last moment, we turned off at the exit, and then at some point we said: let's just make an Akerlund

live-performance video!

C.S.: Then his eyes lit up, and he just knew that he could make the best performance video ever.

J.A.: (Talking on English without subtitles).

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).

P.H.L.: People always think that we just want to provoke, but we have to have a good story first...

C.S.: Sometimes I get the feeling that we don't really notice any more... we've become accustomed to this kind of art or this kind of images or simply to the kind of music that we make, and to the provocation - we can't really imagine anymore that somehow there are people more sensitive about it, who don't find it good, but everyone has to figure that out for himself.

C.F.L.: I already had a hubcap on my head today!

C.S.: I saw that! You're way out front! Ziggy Stardust!

P.H.L.: He had the idea to light up the inside of his mouth. We said to him, Till, it's enough if you set a flesh-colored wire along here, not a soul's going to see it live. The first rows are 5 meters away, you can totally do it like that. ”No, no, I don't want that. I want to have a hole here in my cheek, so we'll bore a hole through, grommet, and then we'll pull a wire through”. And so we're like, “OK”.


J.A.: (On shooting stage) (Talking on English without subtitles).

J.A.: (Talking on English without subtitles).

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).

P.H.L.: In the evening, when he wants to be funny, he pulls the cork out of there, drinks something and does like this and then squirts it out through there. He thinks that's good! It's totally inflamed, you can die from it, but... he's doing fine. He's in good mood

immediately, I've seen it, marvelous.

C.S.: I think it's totally impressive when someone sacrifices so much for art!

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).

P.H.L.: Till needs pain. The texts aren't just pulled out of thin air.

J.A.: (Talking on English without subtitles).


R.Z.K.: Now it's only about building up our weapons. For Rammstein there's no more disarming. Sometimes it's a bit too bad, sometimes you'd be happy to simply do a show without all this, but that just doesn't work for Rammstein any more. So, only full blast from now on! And... hey, see!

P.H.L.: We're traveling now with 20 trucks, we wanted originally... last tour we did with 13, our manager said: 14 would be OK or 15, then it became 17, 18, now we have 20 trucks. We are way “over budget”, like Americans say and we'll have to see... ultimately there's nothing extraneous (laugh).

R.Z.K.: (In dressing room) Should we prove it's just after 2:00 PM? So we don't have to pay overtime afterwards!

R.Z.K.: That's the idea, that we want to tour over the next 3 years. We have a rhythm of 6 weeks playing and 4 weeks off, we want to do 200 shows in about 2 to 3 years.

C.F.L.: And what we're hanging up there - that sounds Chinese, “Hinhangen” - we don't really see that when we're standing on the stage, only the audience does.

P.H.L.: So far we're offering a good value on the fans' money, there's plenty to see.

C.S.: Flake always has to endure a lot from Till.

R.C.: Last time he sat there in the cooking pot and got grilled, so he's used to it! He's used to grief!

A.: (On shooting stage) We certainly don't want anything to happen to you.

C.F.L.: (On shooting stage) So you can just throw yourself on top of this here?

A.: (On shooting stage) Yes, that tilts away.

C.F.L.: (On shooting stage) Cool! What does Till say?

P.H.L.: Iron Mike just brought in the bathtub that he welded to Till's orders. Flake gets mishandled by Till in this tub. He gets liquid metal poured over him, to visually underline the song text Ich tu Dir weh. Because Flake is the weakest member of the group, he's always biting the dust since he can't defend himself. Till is the strongest and so Flake is always called on.

C.F.L.: (On shooting stage) That's slander, I won't put up with that!

R.C.: Of course he's protected. Naturally he's not lying in the open fire, but still one has to do everything right, otherwise it's a thoroughly painful experience.

C.F.L.: I've known Till for a good long while now, and he watches out that nothing happens to me.


R.C.: Certainly there are bands who use pyrotechnics, maybe even with a comparable number of total effects; still I think that Rammstein with the way they go about the effects, how near they let effects come to them, even have them on their bodies, and also their ideas, what they

bring in, that's all pretty unique.

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).

R.Z.K.: I am really looking forward to it. We haven't been on tour for 4 years, and that's a bit like when you've dated a girl for 4 years and never really get to kick it (laugh). So I'm pretty happy that we're finally able to stand here on the stage again.

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).

J.A.: (Talking on English without subtitles).

R.Z.K.: (On shooting stage) I don't need to go to the tanning salon any more today!

J.A.: (Talking on English without subtitles).

(Video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” on screen).


Text by Shman.


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