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Milton Keynes Bowl. Backstage Interview, 1982.
(DVD “Queen on Fire. Live at the Bowl”).
Original text.
Age rating: 12+.


J. – Journalist.
R.T. – Rodger Taylor.
B.M. – Brain May.
F.M. – Freddie Mercury.

J.: Roger, you’ve got a smashing turnout here. How does it feel to play to such massive audiences?

(“Staying Power – Live” on screen).

R.T.: It’s a big thrill, he said. No, it’s great. I hope the rain stays... It looks pretty good. It’s been close all day. I hope it goes well.

B.M.: This venue is gonna prove a thing which will develop. It’s ideally suited and it’s gonna get better as it grows up and as it acquires a reputation. It’s a very nice place.
When the sun sets the temperature zooms down and you get tuning problems. Outdoor gigs are fraught with unexpected things. Rain...but it’s gone.

(“Staying Power – Live” on screen).

R.T.: If we did the same thing all the time, it’d be boring. So we try and change and keep ourselves interested. And hopefully other people. It doesn’t always work.

F.M.: Now most of you know that we got some new sounds out last week. For what it’s worth we’re gonna do a few songs in the funk-black category. That doesn’t mean we’ve lost our rock’n’roll feel, OK? It’s only a bloody record! People get so excited about these things.

B.M.: It’s been gradually building over the last ten years, so I hope we keep building. We feel that we keep changing, and provided we get bored first then there’s no problem.

(“Somebody to Love – Live” on screen).

B.M.: Certain things I look forward to because they’re nice to play. I look forward to Play The Game, in a way, because then you’ve done your leaping about and made your statement on your entry and then you can settle down and start really playing. There’s time to think, and that’s what I like. I like to think. Your head should be in front of your fingers.

(“Somebody to Love – Live” on screen).

R.T.: The old ones we’ve sort of lived with for years and years now. I’d say my current favorite’s probably Under Pressure.

(“Under Pressure – Live” on screen).

B.M.: Young lads of 15, you know, that’s one of the things. We went into it quite late so we weren’t blown away as soon as we had a hit record. And it hasn’t been overnight success since then. You don’t really... To be honest you don’t feel that much of a star. It only hits you at strange little moments if somebody... if you bump into somebody or something. In Leeds, where we were before this, I got a feeling of what a buzz the band created, which made me quite nervous because I have some family up there and you realize what goes on around, not just from your point of view. We’re quite insulated, we come in, not always in a helicopter, but we come in in our car or whatever and go onstage, and you feel sort of protected, maybe you’re overprotected. But if you felt all the emotion that goes into it from both sides you would find it hard to handle.

R.T.: We’re quite normal, but we’ve been luckier than a lot of people and probably worked harder as well. I don’t know. It’s very difficult to say. We’re bloody murder in real life (laughs).

(“Somebody to Love – Live” on screen).


Text by Shman.


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